Close Protection Officer (CPO) Executive Protection

Close Protection Officer (CPO) Executive Protection

Our CPOs retain a low profile while they are highly trained for these services.

Discretion, loyalty and confidentiality are guarantied while the guarded official manages their day to day living with as low restricted possible.

Executive Protection Services

Our approach to delivering protective services is always the same, providing the appropriate level of protection commensurate with the threat environment to allow its clients to conduct their business in safety and without undue interruption.

Our Protective Services operators can provide the critical immediate response to any incident and also act as a link to the wider network of security services provided by NEOS – Control Risks, including crisis management and response services.

Our operators are widely experienced in providing a professional service based on protection and deterrence, and can be quickly deployed, subject only to visa and introduction letter availability.

Our operators are proven Protective Services officers who are formally trained, licensed to Security Industry Authority, or equivalent, standards and usually have a specialist protection background. Our robust standard operating procedures and operational methodology apply to all assignments of this nature.

Services include:

Typical support for our clients includes:  

  • Discreet low profile protection to VIPs, HNWI and UHNWIs
  • Coordination of vehicles and drivers supporting groups of individuals
  • Conduct personal risk assessments on an on-going basis
  • Problem solving – in addition to security, we provide support with day to day problems and concerns affecting our clients in an efficient and discreet way


Additional services have included:

  • Journey management planning and advice for private travel and holidays with families
  • Support to cruise operators, event management

meet and greet services

With our meet and greet services, experienced security consultants will meet  the client/traveller at the airport (or point of entry) and ensure that they arrive safely at the specified destination.

Before departure, Our Company will send client/traveller details of the security consultant assigned to you, together with pick-up protocols. This avoids confusion and reduces the risk of you falling victim to opportunist criminals.

Where permissible, We will escort from the aircraft door. On departure, we will ensure that the client/travellers are checked in and will escort the client through departure procedures.

We will conduct a route analysis prior to your arrival to ensure that there will be no unexpected problems, delays or unnecessary route changes.

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